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Here are a few tricks and cheats for our services. 
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      Incoming Mail Server
      pop3.tcaexpress.net, port 110, SSL off

      Outgoing Mail Service
      smtp.tcaexpress.net, port 587, SSL off
      Check box for Outgoing Server Requires Authentication


      Enter full email address (username@tcaexpress.net)


      1. Open your email Properties:

      Open Windows Live Mail 2012

      Right-click your email address in the left column, and then click Properties


      2. Update your server settings:

      Click the Servers tab

      Edit the Incoming mail field to: pop3.tcaexpress.net

      Edit the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field to: smtp.tcaexpress.net


      IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Email username is your full E-mail Address, including the @tcaexpress.net and that your Password is correct.


      3. Click OK

    • OUTLOOK 2010 & 2013

      1. Navigate to your Account Settings:


      Open Outlook 2010 or 2013

      Click the File menu (top left), and then click Info


      In the Account Information window, click Account Settings, and the Account Settings... dialog box will appear, click it


      2. Select your e-mail address for updating (in the Account Settings window):


      Locate your e-mail address in the center of the window

      Double-click on your e-mail address


      3. Under Server Information, take note of your Account Type to reference later (POP)


      Edit the Incoming mail server to:  pop3.tcaexpress.net

      Edit the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) to:  smtp.tcaexpress.net


      Make sure your Name, E-mail Address and Password are correct


      Ensure your full email address (ex: username@tcaexpress.net) appears in the User Name field

      Click More Settings...


      4. Update your Advanced Account Settings (from the Change Account window):


      Click the Outgoing Server tab

      Make sure that the box for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication is checked


      The field < Use same settings as my incoming mail server > should be selected


      Click the Advanced tab

      Find the Outgoing server (SMTP) field and enter 25 or 587 (you may need to change the number in this field)


      In the Incoming mail field, make sure that 110 for POP

      Click OK — you will be returned to the previous window

      Click Next>


      5. The Test Account Settings window will appear and process the test automatically. If you experience an error, double-check all steps for accuracy, make sure your Internet connection is active, and try again.


      6. Once your account settings are confirmed by the system, you are finished! Click Close to exit the setup window.


      1. Open the Account Settings screen: Open Thunderbird


      Click to select your @tcaexpress.net email address in the left column, then click View settings for this account

      Click Server Settings


      2. Update your Incoming server:

      Edit the Server Name to:  pop3.tcaexpress.net


      3. Locate your Outgoing server settings:

      Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the left column

      Click your email address so that highlights, then click Edit


      4. Update SMTP Server settings:

      Enter the Server Name as:  smtp.tcaexpress.net

      Click OK


      Ensure your tcaexpress.net email is selected in the left column


      5. Ensure the new SMTP server is selected:

      Click the Outgoing Server (SMTP) drop-down and select the server labeled with smtp.tcaexpress.net

      Click OK


    • WINDOWS 8

          On your Windows 8 device, open Email, and then click the Settings icon.

          In the Settings menu, click Accounts.

          Under Accounts, click Add an account.

          Under Add an account, click Other account.

          Click Show more details.

          Enter the following information:


          Email address:  username@tcaexpress.net

          Username:  Enter your full email address. (username@tcaexpress.net)

          Password  Enter your email account password.

          Incoming (IMAP) email server  imap.everyone.net

          Port  143

          Outgoing (SMTP) email server  smtp.tcaexpress.net

          Port  25

          Select Outgoing server requires authentication.

          Select Use the same username and password to send and receive mail.

          Click Connect.


      To begin with, click on the Apple Icon Menu on the top left of your screen and select the System Preferences


      In System Preferences screen select the Internet Accounts
      Add Other Account then click Next, select add Mail account


      Enter your Name (the name you want others to see)

      Email Address and Email Password then Click Sign In


      Now, you have to fill in the server settings for your Email account:


      Email Address: pre-filled

      Username: enter your full email address as username.

      Password: enter the password for your email account

      Account Type: POP3

      Incoming Mail Server: pop3.tcaexpress.net

      Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.tcaexpress.net


      Once you fill in all the details, press Sign In to proceed.

      Finally, you will be asked which programs you want to use this account with. The available options depend on the applications you have installed on your account select Mail.


      1. Locate your email settings.


      On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings (typically on your home screen)

      Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars


      2. Tap Add Account, then Other, then Add Mail Account. Complete the form by entering your name, your full email address and the password for your TCAEXPRESS.NET email account. Tap Next when finished.


      3. Be sure that POP is selected, at the top of the screen.
      Enter the INCOMING MAIL SERVER information:


      For Host Name, enter pop3.tcaexpress.net

      For User Name enter your full email address - for example yourname@tcaexpress.net

      For Password enter your email password

      Tap Next


      4. Outgoing Mail Server
      For Host Name, enter smtp.tcaexpress.net
      For User Name enter your full email address - for example yourname@tcaexpress.net

      For Password enter your email password


      1. Navigate to Apps and Settings

      2. Select Accounts and +Add account

      3.  Find and select Email

      4.  Enter your full email address and your password. Tap Manual Setup.

      5. Select POP account

      6.  Fill in the blanks as follows:

      Email address:
      This field should have auto-populated; if not, enter your full email address

      Username: Enter your full email address

      Password: Enter the password for your email account

      POP3 server: Enter  pop3.tcaexpress.net

      The system may auto-populate this field with incorrect information.
      If it does, change it.

      Security type: None

      Port: 110

      Click Next to continue…


      7. Fill in the blanks as follows:

      SMTP server: Enter  smtp.tcaexpress.net

      Security type: None

      Port: Update to 25 or 587

      Require Sign-in: Ensure that this field is checked

      Username: Enter your full email address

      Password: Enter the password for your email account

      Click Next to continue...


      8. Select your preferences, then click Next



      Click       EMAIL top right hand corner above
      Click on the OPTIONS tab.
      Then click on SpamShield Pro and adjust the sensitivity.

      Then go under Approved Senders to approve senders that were flagged as
      Spam or go under Block Senders to add emails from unwanted senders to personalize these options.

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