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The Community Agency is proud to offer internet, cable television, and telephone service to
the residents and businesses of Hartley, Paullina, Primghar, and Sanborn.


The Community Agency (TCA) is a joint effort between four Northwest Iowa cities who had the future in mind. It is owned by the cities of Hartley, Paullina, Primghar, and Sanborn. TCA goal is to provide high-tech telecommunication service with hometown customer service that the citizens deserve.


TCA began providing cable television service in 2000 to the four communities through a state of the art Hybred Fiber Coaxial Network. Over the years, TCA has continued to be a growing asset to the communities by offering services that otherwise would not be available. These services include high speed internet, digital cable with High Definition, and telephone service,  nationwide cellular telephone service, VOIP telephone service and wireless internet that covers most of O’Brien County to help out its rural friends.


All four communities, Hartley, Paullina, Primghar, and Sanborn, are proud of their municipally owned utilities. These services provide many different opportunities for their citizens. Municipally owned means keeping the revenues within the communities for the benefit of their citizens. TCA is glad to furnish these services and is continually working to meet the cities goals.


"The City with a Heart"

Contact Info:

11 S. Central Ave

Hartley, IA 51346

Ph: 712.928.2240



"Gem of the Prairie"

Contact Info:

127 S. Main St

Paullina, IA 51046

Ph: 712.949.3428



"Built on Cobblestones and Heritage"

Contact Info:

160 S. Hayes Ave

Primghar, IA 51245

Ph: 712.957.2435



"Our People Make The Difference"

Contact Info:

102 Main St

Sanborn, IA 51248

Ph: 712.930.3842


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